Are you a college student of sociology? If yes, then you must be familiar with the American Sociological Association (ASA) formatting and citation style. If you are not familiar then you will be, pretty soon. Without learning to follow the formatting guidelines of the particular formatting and citation style, one cannot even think of graduating college. It was high school, where teachers were not strict about formatting. In college, you are penalized for not formatting your paper and citing sources correctly.

ASA formatting and citation style is widely used for research papers, thesis, research essays, and publications in Sociology. Just like other formatting and citation styles, ASA style has a firm stance against plagiarism, the intellectual theft. Therefore, it directs researchers and students to give full credit and attribution to the creator of the content that you are using in your papers. Even if you are not intending to publish your essay, presentation, or research paper, you must cite sources, whenever you take data from them.

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To format the document and cite the sources that you may have used to write your paper, ASA has issued specific guidelines. You are required to cite sources fully and properly. Otherwise, your teachers would deduct some points and in case you are getting your paper reviewed for publication, it would be rejected. To avoid this embarrassment, you must learn to correctly cite sources.


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Do you not know how to properly cite others’ work according to ASA citation style? Well, do not worry, by the end of this blog, you will know how. I am going to share an introductory guideline to ASA citation styles. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

In-text Citations

ASA style uses an author-date format for the in text citation of sources.

  •   For in-text citation, the authors last name and the year of publication is mentioned in the parenthesis
  •   For reference to specific passages from the text, page numbers need to be mentioned
  •   Only the date of publication is mentioned in parenthesis when the author’s name appears in the text
  •   In the case of multiple authors, the first names and surnames of all authors need to be included. Initials for the first name are only used when authors have used initials in their original publication as well.

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Reference List

At the end of the paper, a reference list of the sources that you have used throughout the paper is provided.

  •   All references should be enlisted in alphabetical order
  •   All references should be double spaced
  •   For references longer than a line, a hanging indent is applied
  •   You need to ensure that all publication information of the sources is correct
  •   In the case of websites, you are supposed to add the reference with a URL and the date it was accessed

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